Social Intelligence Information about the use of social media in PR


My name is Rebecca Hardisty and I am a final year, public relations student at the University of Gloucestershire.  My blog, Social Intelligence, is a place where I like to share my knowledge of PR and social media; my opinions of current affairs and my experiences as a student and in industry.

 During my placement year, I worked for two significant London, social media agencies –        Immediate Future and WeAreSocial, who are one of the leading social media agencies in the UK. For the final few months, I worked at PRG, a local full service PR agency, where I was able to take the skills I had developed and effectively implement, run and nurture the organisations social media capabilities, building them a reputation amongst local businesses and their online and offline peers, as experts in their field of work.

All of the thoughts, content and opinions are of the authors and involve no other parties, whatsoever.